A culinary journey
between heart and territory




In Naples, cooking is family, it is home: an interweaving of scents and flavors that stick in the memory. And it is with this vision that the Silvestre Family led by the progenitor Vincenzo and his children Antimo and Raffaella founded Trattoria del Golfo .

Here, the true Neapolitan essence is revealed through the flavors of the sea and unparalleled hospitality, inviting everyone to discover the culinary tradition in a place where history and cuisine blend harmoniously.



The Silvestre family’s dream in the drawer stems from a story of passion and dedication: Enzo and his wife, originally from the Spanish Quarter, have nurtured their desire to open a restaurant for years. With commitment and love, they managed to turn this dream into reality, thus crowning a shared life journey. United by a passion for good food and tradition, Antimo and Raffaella have continued to honor these roots, making Trattoria del Golfo an authentic refuge in the beating heart of Naples.


The menu tells the whole story of the Neapolitan gastronomic tradition: carefully selected top-quality ingredients are transformed into appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts that are the result of ancient recipes, either faithfully reproduced or cleverly revised to make them more in step with the times.

Even the wine list, carefully chosen by Antimo,respects tradition while winking at the new: from regional excellences to labels from lesser-known wineries that will accogner the gastronomic journey making it a true ‘experience.

The dining room and kitchen staff, with their ritual and courteous gestures, will accompany you in the discovery of a genuine Neapolitan character that is increasingly difficult to find.

the thought of the chef

Our chef, creates culinary wonders that redefine the boundaries of creativity while respecting the spirit of tradition.

A passion for cooking starts with the culinary traditions of Naples. Growing up within the walls of my grandmother's kitchen, breathing in the scents that pervaded our home, I learned to enhance these aromas and tastes, enriching my own culinary style. This deep connection to Neapolitan cuisine has allowed me to deeply love what I do, and to transmit this passion to my clients through every dish I prepare.

the restaurant

The venue, which underwent radical transformation work in 2023, is located at 56 Via Santa Brigida in the heart of Naples

This street is notable for its proximity to historical and architectural monuments that tell centuries of history, culture, and art, creating a fascinating contrast to the trattoria’s cozy, family-friendly atmosphere.

The venue, has a large outdoor patio where it welcomes its customers both in winter and summer and inside two rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs that can be used for private events and parties.

The interior design marries a modern, minimalist style with careful use of the colors of teal and yellow, reminiscent of the sun and sea of Campania, creating an environment that is both relaxing and stimulating.

A passion for cooking, attention to detail and a desire to provide a memorable experience are our hallmarks, and we pamper each and every customer.


    Via Santa Brigida, 56 Naples
    Open daily 12:00 – 15:30 | 19:00 – 23:30
    Closing day: Tuesday
    081 1924 7380 |

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